Our opportunistic credit team invests primarily in highly-structured and privately-negotiated capital solutions supporting corporate borrowers through secured loans, senior subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, convertible notes, and other debt like instruments, as well as preferred and common equity in such borrowers.? The team will also look to invest in special situations, event-driven opportunities that exhibit hybrid credit and equity features, as well as market dislocations, primary and secondary market investments in liquid debt instruments that arise as a result of temporary market volatility.? As of December 31, 2017, our opportunistic credit team advised [1] fund totaling, in the aggregate, more than $[0.9] billion in AUM.

Team Member Title Location Industry
Taylor Boswell Managing Director New York, NY
Lois Duhourcau Director London, UK
Ben Fund Principal New York, NY
Jesse Hou Vice President New York, NY
Gary Jacovino Vice President New York, NY
Jessica Lee Vice President New York, NY
Philip Moore Managing Director London, UK
Alex?Popov Managing Director New York, NY
Taj Sidhu Managing Director London, UK