AlpInvest logoAlpInvest Partners is a private equity asset manager with approximately?€38 billion of assets under management as of June 30, 2019. AlpInvest invests worldwide across the primary fund, secondaries and direct investment channels, covering the entire private equity spectrum including mezzanine. AlpInvest operates from offices in New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Indianapolis with approximately 167 people, of whom 77 are investment professionals.

AlpInvest Partners serves investors across the globe, offering a deep understanding of private equity and a customized approach to their investment needs. Through an on-the-ground presence in three continents, AlpInvest Partners has built a deep understanding of the market and developed an extensive network of relationships that spans the world. The firm has the financial scale and global reach to partner with the world’s largest private equity firms. AlpInvest Partners has a rigorous approach to investment, with strong senior executive involvement. Within each of its core segments, a large, dedicated global team ensures a strong focus on the sourcing and selection of attractive investment opportunities for investors. AlpInvest Partners’ organizational structure seeks to provide exceptional relationship support and integrated insights for all business partners.

Pursuant to Article 63, Paragraph 6 and Article 63-4, Paragraph 3 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan, operators of Specially Permitted Businesses for Qualified Institutional Investors, etc. are required to make available to the public certain information. Information on the following entities can be obtained upon request:

  1. AlpInvest Private Equity Program GP II LLC

If you would like to obtain information, please make a request via email to?[email protected]??and indicate your name, company name, position and email address.

AlpInvest Disclosure Persons

AlpInvest Fees and Expenses

AlpInvest Campaign Contributions?

If you would like to obtain information, please make a request via email to [email protected] and indicate your name, company name, position and email address.

Fund Investments

Positioned to identify and support?attractive investment managers globally, AlpInvest professionals are located in New York, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. All decisions are made by AlpInvest Partners’ independent investment committee, composed of five of the firm’s managing partners plus two of its co-founders. The firm is often solicited to serve as advisors to general partners—both formally and informally.

The Fund Investments team leverages AlpInvest Partners’ firm-wide resources as a meaningful partner to identify trends and opportunities across the full private equity spectrum. With first-hand knowledge collected from the Co-Investments team along with the market visibility of the Secondary Investments team, AlpInvest Partners Fund Investments team is positioned to quickly and efficiently identify trends,


Solutions for Private Equity Investors:?As allocations to private equity have grown, investors have sought new ways to manage their exposure to this historically illiquid asset class. AlpInvest Partners’ dedicated Secondary Investments team is highly experienced in this market, acquiring or restructuring portfolios of private equity assets ranging in size from €5 million to more than €1 billion.


The Co-Investment team seeks to achieve attractive private equity returns through a well-diversified portfolio of co-investments. The team works to maximize the number of pipeline investment opportunities and select the most attractive investments with qualified sponsors. The Co-Investment team has the flexibility to either come in early in a deal process to help underwrite a transaction alongside a?sponsor or to participate in a broader co-investment syndication process, and the ability to focus on a broad range of deal types and industries to build a well-diversified portfolio.

We believe that AlpInvest’s strategy is different from the strategy of other Co-Investment managers in several ways:

  • Dedicated Approach: AlpInvest has one of the largest dedicated and most experienced teams in the Co-Investment market, consisting of 24 individuals with a collective experience of more than 100 years in private equity.
  • Active and Reliable Underwriting Partner: AlpInvest’s expertise in playing an active role early on alongside?sponsors in a deal process is a key differentiator in securing proprietary deal flow and allocations.
  • Leverage the Scale of AlpInvest’s Funds and Co-Investment Program: AlpInvest is one of the largest and most experienced institutional investors in the global private equity market. The firm’s substantial primary fund investment activities, including the ability to commit significant amounts to a single fund as a limited partner, is of considerable strategic value to sponsors, and can be a significant factor when sourcing Co-Investments. Over the past decade, AlpInvest has formed strong relationships with major private equity sponsors through the firm’s co-investment activities, primary investments, and secondary investments, further enhancing our selection capabilities.
  • Structured?sponsor and Deal Analysis: AlpInvest takes a two tiered approach to the selection and diligence of co-investment opportunities, focusing on both (i) the assessment of the sponsor’s ability to effectively execute and add value and (ii) on the quality of a transaction. The AlpInvest Funds team performs substantial diligence on each?sponsor enabling AlpInvest to better assess if a?sponsor is positioned to implement the value creation thesis. AlpInvest utilizes a proprietary framework to analyze the strengths of sponsors across multiple dimensions such as geography, industry, deal type and complexity of the value creation thesis. This, coupled with a granular analysis of the opportunity based on extensive due diligence led by our specialized and dedicated AlpInvest Co-Investment team,?has led?to better informed investment decisions. We believe this detailed approach differentiates AlpInvest in the market.
Team Member Title Location Industry
Victor Backstrom Managing Director London, UK
Reston Blumwest Principal New York, NY
John Borys Principal New York, NY
Peter Cornelius Managing Director New York, NY
Paul de Klerk CFO/COO, AlpInvest Partners Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marleen Dijkstra Principal Amsterdam, Netherlands
Yasuyuki Kanda Managing Director Tokyo, Japan
Vjerana Spajic Vice President
Alexander Sprengers Principal Amsterdam, Netherlands
George Westerkamp Managing Director Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fund Investments Team
Team Member Title Location Industry
Ruulke Bagijn Managing Director Amsterdam, Netherlands
Piet-Hein?den Blanken Principal Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jeffrey Gruccio Principal New York, NY
Eric Hanno Managing Director New York, NY
Joseph O'Connor Managing Director New York, NY
Wendy Zhu Managing Director Hong Kong, China
Secondaries Team
Team Member Title Location Industry
Aquila Chu Principal Hong Kong, China
Neal Costello Managing Director Amsterdam, Netherlands
Michael Hacker Managing Director New York, NY
Garrett Hall Principal New York, NY
Noah Keys Principal New York, NY
Wouter Moerel Managing Director Amsterdam, Netherlands
Christophe Nicolas Managing Director Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chris Perriello Managing Director New York, NY
Julian Rampelmann Managing Director New York, NY
Wiebe Visser Principal New York, NY
Co-Investments Team
Team Member Title Location Industry
Joeri de Groot Principal Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rob de Jong Managing Director Amsterdam, Netherlands
Richard Dunne Managing Director New York, NY
Broes?Langelaar Principal Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sid Murdeshwar Managing Director New York, NY
Todd Ruggini Managing Director New York, NY
Amit Sachdeva Managing Director Hong Kong, China
Erik Thyssen Managing Director Amsterdam, Netherlands
Roberto Torrini Managing Director Amsterdam, Netherlands
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