We believe that being a good corporate citizen is good business practice and creates long-term value for our investors. Find more details in our Corporate Citizenship Reports.

2018 Corporate Citizenship Report

We create the most value by tailoring ESG objectives and priorities to each investment with a focus on value creation, robust governance and transparency, and industry leadership.

  • Responsible Investing

    Considering the environmental, social and governance (ESG) implications of our investments enables us to be good stewards of the capital committed to us by our investors as well as being good corporate citizens. Please see our Guidelines for Responsible Investment here.

  • Governance

    Carlyle has a clear and effective framework that enables us to uphold the highest ethical and business standards across the firm. Maintaining Carlyle’s good name and the good names of our investors is paramount.

  • One Community

    Diverse teams and experiences bring tremendous value to our firm and the alternative asset industry. We work to cultivate an environment rich in different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We also encourage our employees to get involved where they live, work and invest through our volunteer and wealth sharing programs.

  • Environmental Stewardship

    Environmental considerations play a significant – and growing – role in our investment practices and the operations of our portfolio companies. As part of our investment process, we evaluate environmental risks and seek opportunities for value creation through sustainability.

  • Social Responsibility

    Our investments have a meaningful impact on hundreds of thousands of employees and on the communities in which we invest. As part of our investment process, we evaluate workforce issues, including labor issues, health and safety, and employee benefits.

Carlyle is committed to responsible investing, sustainability and transparency. We published our first Corporate Citizenship Report in 2010, the first by a major alternative asset management firm.